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  • 21 mai 18

Credit Suisse Labs Member of the Technical Staff - Design Strategist or Social Scientist Specializations #108503

We Offer
(Please see other job descriptions Functional Programming, Platform Engineering, Machine Learning and Data Engineering specializations)

The CS Labs Mission:
Help Credit Suisse explore and build its future. Show the power of small autonomous teams of craftsmen and scientists working together towards clear common goals. Use new tools and new ways of working to build new businesses or refresh old ones in a way that benefits both Credit Suisse as well as society as a whole.

The CS Labs are a new entity within Credit Suisse, a leading global bank. We are in downtown San Francisco. We intend to do phenomenal things, and we have an amazing organization to help us do them.

Behavioral Profile
You are insatiably curious, a disciplined free thinker with an EQ high enough to learn from and teach people who see the world differently to how you do. You understand, but never become a slave to, the nuances of an organization's culture. You have profound mathematical and algorithmic intuition, and are used to mastering anything you set your mind to, fast, whether with or without someone to teach you. At the same time you have a gift for explaining the technical to the non-technically minded. Indeed, you are a natural teacher and diffuser of knowledge, and so your colleagues are constantly learning from you (as you do from them). You are someone who thinks as much about the posing of the problem as the creative solution to it, and while you have a drive towards results and completion, you also practice non-attachment as problems and projects change, evolve … and sometimes die. You work as well within teams as with other teams - people want to work with you. You are open-minded, warm, courteous, confident and optimistic. The power of computing and how it will change the world, but you have remained a humanist, concerned above all with the human condition: your finely-calibrated moral compass shows you the way.

Hacker / Craftsman / Engineer Profile
You dream in code, and you code all the time, for work and (ideally) for fun. You have mastered at least one enterprise or systems language (C++, Java, Scala, Go, Clojure, etc) as well as a scripting language or DSL (Python, R, Ruby, etc) You use modern development tools like GitHub, git, docker, and you are very comfortable with cloud computing (AWS or GCP). You are practiced in collaborative programming paradigms like agile or pair programming. You are a craftsman about how you treat code, and have strong opinions about things like test driven development, design by contract, separation of concerns, object orientation or functional programming. You are able to demonstrate this with public GitHub repos, publications, patents or other projects on which you have worked. You have a strong sense of what constitutes technical debt and how to minimize its accrual. While you compulsively create code that is modular, clear and generally easy for other specialists and scientists to use, you are always mindful of the underlying algorithms - you don't just glue APIs together but can go as deep as necessary when needing to build new functionality.

You Offer
Potential Deep Areas of Expertise
In addition to the broad engineering background described above, you have one or more deep areas of domain expertise. Specific subject-matter expertise that interests us include (but are not limited to):

Applied Social Sciences
You have quantitative skills in at least one technical domain of financial services or another applied social science, and practical industry experience with their application. Good examples include: portfolio theory and active management, social network analysis, VaR, asset pricing, quant/fundamental equity valuation, traffic analysis, epidemiology, bibliometrics, statistical arbitrage, actuarial science or high frequency trading. You wish that the field of psychohistory would finally be invented. Perhaps at some point you were a "quant" or a "strat" but have found yourself drifting towards engineering over time. Perhaps as well you have an advanced degree in economics, operations research, accounting, finance, "econophysics" or some other quantitative social science. You are a "systems" person, and understand that individual incentives and desires combine to shape macro-outcomes. You study and measure these outcomes quantitatively, eager for any mathematical system that gives you predictive use over the system. To that end, game theory, complexity theory, theory of computation, graph theory, constrained optimization and statistical pattern recognition and Monte Carlo methods are fields that fascinate you and that you have actively employed for addressing hard forecasting problems in the social sciences. You are comfortable talking to businesses in financial terminology (as well as mathematicians and computer scientists in their own jargon), and relish the opportunity to experiment with new approaches and techniques to the art of finance. There is no apprehension by financial regulation, and you believe in building a better financial system for society as a whole.

Design Strategy
Mark Weiser, Chief Scientist at Xerox PARC is often quoted as stating "the most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it." You are a consummate storyteller. You delight in creating beautiful, clear, and smoothly flowing user experience. Good design is reductive, and you take pleasure in the deceptively simple.

You are deeply curious about the user, the way they make valuable contributions to their organization, and how your product is used to deliver that value. You use empathy to discover what is important to your customers. Delight is a critical component to an MVP, and you are committed in your pursuit of that which will delight users.

You are a Systems Thinker, deeply curious about the role of technology in complex human activities. Your sense of design extends to these systems, and you focus dually on the value and outcomes of the systems themselves as well as the joy and purpose of the human beings that make up the system.
As a storyteller, you will be responsible for telling the story of CS Labs through branding and design patterns. As a leader, you will own the design process for consumer and internal facing products, from inception to MVP. As a teacher, you will educate others on modern design practice and design strategy.


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