IBCM - Corporate Insights Group (HOLT), DIR, New York

We Offer
An Opportunity to join the Corporate Insights Group as a full time VP or Director. The group is a unique part of Credit Suisse's Investment Bank, providing valuation insights, optimal capital structure recommendations and strategic solutions to senior executives of corporate clients - in partnership with industry coverage officers and product partners. The group derives its recommendations in part by utilizing the bank's proprietary HOLT framework, which analyses the key drivers of a client's share price to determine what actions the company can take (i.e. M&A, capital deployment) to deliver superior returns to shareholders, with a focus on ROIC. The HOLT framework is widely used by thousands of institutional investors to make buy and sell decisions, and is valued by clients at the C-suite for providing a different and unique perspective on valuation.
Capital market's perspective The Corporate Insights Group provides senior management of corporate clients with a capital market's perspective on their company's stock price and valuation, focusing on understanding expectations for future operational performance that are embedded in the share price and comparing this to the company's historical performance and the market expectations for the company's peers. We work with senior management to develop a better understanding of how the company's business units perform and impact the value-creation potential of the company as a whole.
The Corporate Insights Group works with clients to identify and evaluate potential acquisition candidates. Our methodology focuses on understanding the market expectations embedded in the target's share price to determine the growth or profit improvements required to justify different levels of acquisition premiums. Our M&A analysis, like the rest of our analytics, is not focused on accounting results but rather on whether or not various transactions will create value for shareholders. IPOs and equity offerings The group's HOLT tool is extremely valuable to companies considering going public or raising additional capital in the public equity markets. By having a better understanding of how institutional investors are going to evaluate and value the company's shares, we are able to work with management to focus the executive team on the key value drivers for the company and help use that information to better market the company to potential investors.
Capital allocation We regularly work with senior executives to help them evaluate the value impact of various uses of their excess cash. With HOLT, we are able to quantify the share price impact of alternative avenues such as reinvesting in the organic business, pursuing growth through acquisitions, paying down debt, increasing the dividend and repurchasing shares. The framework provides an objective, unbiased perspective on the market's probable reaction to these different strategic actions.

Capital Structure
We work with senior management at corporate clients to analyse the optimal debt-to-equity capital structure that maximizes value. We work closely with our capital markets teams on the analyses using current cost of debt and equity, to determine the best mix or debt, preferred stock, and common equity that would optimize the company's stock price.

White Paper-Credit Suisse Corporate Insights
We publish a white paper on a quarterly basis, to highlight a current challenge, or pressing topic of interest, to senior management at corporate and sponsor clients. See link for latest papers published.


You Offer
· Ability to partner with investment banking coverage officers and provide strategic advice and analyses in conjunction with solicitations for investment banking assignments
· Ability to think commercially, and provide advice and counsel to clients, across all areas of expertise outlined above.
· Strong knowledge of corporate finance and an understanding of the full suite of investment banking products.
· Ability to structure and conduct multiple complex valuations and analyses, and derive thoughtful conclusions.
· Ability to evaluate both quantitative and qualitative analyses, draw conclusions, and make and defend recommendations with regard to strategic business goals.
· Ability to develop, implement, apply, and train others on the use of advanced corporate finance analyses and modeling.
· Ability to present conclusions on analyses, both internally and externally, including to senior leaders.
· Ability to direct staff and/or lead the analysis of a broad range of problems.
· Show true concern for compliance and control standards, protect the bank's reputation and earn clients' trust.
· Have no past compliance or control issues.
· Fully comply with the bank's code of conduct and all applicable laws, regulations and policies.
· Support a stimulating and inclusive environment, inspiring others and creating a stimulating and inclusive work environment.
· Show genuine interest in advancing people, give credit to others, empower and provide actionable feedback.
· Demonstrate sound reasoning and judgment even in situations of high pressure and severe conflicts.