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à New York, NY, États-Unis
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Merchant Services - Data Science Associate
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading globalfinancial services firm with assets of $2.6 trillion and operations worldwide.JPMC serves nearly half of America's households with a broad range of financialservices, including personal banking, credit cards, mortgages, auto financing,investment advice, small business loans and payment processing. Customers canchoose how and where they want to bank: 5,000 branches, 16,000 ATMs, mobile,online and by phone. For more information, go to

Merchant Services is the global paymentacceptance and merchant acquiring business of JPMorgan Chase &Co. Merchant Services is a leading provider of payment, fraudmanagement and data security solutions, capable of authorizing transactions inmore than 130 currencies. The company's proprietary platforms provideintegrated commerce solutions for all major credit and debit card payments aswell as mobile payments. Merchant Services has uniquely combined proven paymenttechnology with a long legacy of merchant advocacy that creates quantifiablevalue for ecommerce companies. Merchant Services is the #1 MerchantAcquirer Worldwide, based on volume, by The Nilson Report in April2018. We are #1 in eCommerce volume in Europe, based on The NilsonReport. Merchant Services is also #1 in Merchant Processing Volumein the US with more than 20% market share, by The Nilson Report in April2017. Double-digit growth year over year in processing volume isevidence of our best-in-class distribution and the advantage we have in themarket place with ChaseNet and Chase Pay.

Consumer Insightsare the result of JPMC having the uniqueability to connect Merchant Services acquiring data with Chase card issuingdata from Chase to generate unparalleled insights into the behaviors of thebusinesses' customers . Theseinsights are based on aggregated, identified information (i.e., no data onindividuals or entities is shared to protect our customers' privacy), and couldbe leveraged to help businesses grow by improving their marketing targeting andoperational efficiency. Sample Insights include: Customer profile insights(e.g., demographics of customer base, Market and wallet share, Trade areainsights (e.g., geographic region of customer base, Channel insights (e.g.,online vs. store share of spend), Purchase timing (e.g., day of week and daypart), Loyalty insights (e.g., sales of new vs. repeat and most valuablecustomers).

Payment Data Analytics ScienceAssociate is responsible for executing big dataanalytics projects in response to product innovation for Merchant Services.Tangible output of the programs typically are payments insights that driveoptimization of authorization, chargeback and cost of payments for largemerchants - as well as deep consumer and business insights. As the analyticsmature, these insights can be productized into data insights products formerchants ("insights as a service").

The right candidate for this positionis highly proficient with complex data sets, using modern statistical and dataexploration as well as visualization techniques (especially SQL on Hadoop,Tableau)

The role will require working onmultiple projects simultaneously. The ideal candidate will possess strong dataanalytical skills along with exceptional leadership, client and relationshipmanagement skills. S/he must have proven successes in balancing long termstrategic vision with the ability to create, practical, actionable plans thatare coherent and understood by all stakeholders. Beyond excellentanalytical skills, the ideal candidate will be innovative, commerciallyinclined to create genuine business value through the alignment of technology,data and business interests.

Ideal for high caliber analytics talentwith a strong affinity for payments innovation and big data technologyaffinity.
Principal Duties &Responsibilities:
  • Develop and plan required analytic projects in response to Merchant Services analytics strategy and roadmap
  • Execute analytical projects as an individual contributor
  • Focus on delivering actionable recommendations to merchants on how to optimize their payment performance (authorizations, charge backs, cost of payments)
  • Deliver deep, actionable consumer insights that support merchants growth agenda
  • Develop visualizations of analytics insights in Tableau (for consumption of relevant stakeholders)
  • Contribute to "productization" analytical insights in collaboration with cross-functional teams
  • Develop new analytical modeling methods and/or tools as required.
  • Work with business domain experts and application developers to identify data relevant for analysis.
  • Create data definitions for new database file/table development and/or changes to existing ones as needed for analysis.
  • In conjunction with data owners and department managers, contribute to the development of data models for analytics.
  • Collaborate with unit managers, end users, development staff, and other stakeholders to integrate data mining results with existing systems.
  • Apply quality assurance best practices for analytics services.
  • Adhere to change control and testing processes for modifications to analytical models.

Experience Requirements:
  • 4 years of working in large and medium project teams, as a contributing member in self-directed roles.
  • Bachelor's Degree in the fields of engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics, Masters preferred
  • Management consulting experience is a plus
  • Expertise in data mining, quantitative research techniques, theories, principles, and practices
  • Experience in the payments industry and/or technology-enabled industries
  • In-depth understanding of the payments value chain (merchants, brands, acquirers, networks, issuers) and associated data assets - or in-depth understanding of consumer insights
  • Deep experience across the full range of database and business intelligence tools (especially SQL on Hadoop (Hive, Impala) and Tableau); publishing and presenting information in an engaging way
  • Ability for rapid prototyping in Tableau
  • Data Science experience in R, Python is a plus
  • Intensive, recent experience in assessing and sourcing data needs