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Fosun Group
à Pékin, Beijing, Chine
CDI, Plein-temps
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Fosun Group
à Pékin, Beijing, Chine
CDI, Plein-temps
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We are looking for a high caliber insurance/ tech expert with an Actuarial background to join a pioneering Insurtech venture under the Fosun Insurance Group. With a direct channel into Fosun’s large customer base across multiple industries, our Insurtech mutual venture aims to disrupt the traditional life and health insurance market through a mutual platform. This role is an ideal for an entrepreneurial professional with an actuarial science background with an understanding of the traditional insurance market and regulatory environment but is interesting in an innovative and transformational venture.

Job Description

  • Lead strategic development and planning for the three core product lines (mutual, health, insurance)
  • Drive product implementation online according to strategic planning
  • Participate in external stakeholder communication, providing innovative case-based product design and solutions
  • Group wide risk, legal, compliance stakeholder communication, polish details of product and service processes, manage risk and return calculations
  • Participate in the product promotion and carry out internal and external training


Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related subject, and above 8 years experience of insurance product development
  • Experience of leading or being fully responsibly for full cycle development of a life, health or mutual product
  • Deep understanding of insurance and mutual, with a unique approach to insurance and mutual products
  • Understanding and appreciation of the medical and health sector, with ability to marry insurance and health products
  • Understanding of e-operations and general promotion logistics
  • Actuarial qualification 




1、 制定公司三大产品线(互助、健康、保险)产品开发策略和规划

2、 根据公司的策略和规划,推动各类产品开发实施和上线

3、 参与对外商务沟通,根据客户和场景需求设计定制化的产品解决方案

4、 与集团法务、风控等条线进行沟通,研磨产品及服务流程的细节,并做好风险收益测算

5、 参与主力产品的推广和内外部培训



1、 大学本科及以上学历,8年以上保险行业产品开发经验

2、 有独立设计和开发互助、保险或健康产品的全流程工作经验

3、 对保险及互助行业的情况有比较深入的了解,对于保险及互助产品有独到的见解

4、 对医疗健康领域有一定的了解,对互助及保险产品如何与医疗健康相融合有独到的见解

5、 对于具体产品线经营的风险有自己的理解和认知

6、 了解互联网运营和推广的基本逻辑

7、 积极乐观,具有较强的抗压能力和面对挫折勇气

8、 具有北美精算师、英国精算师或中国精算师等接近或同等资格

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