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Goldman Sachs
à Shanghai, 上海市, Chine
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Goldman Sachs
à Shanghai, 上海市, Chine
CDI, Plein-temps
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Software Engineer - Security
Product Security Engineering within Core Engineering is responsible for providing an opinionated, standardized set of tools and services which enable the building of secure applications. The hiring team is responsible for providing foundational products used across the entire firm; these solutions allow software engineering teams to easily and reliably safeguard their applications and data.

Are you a software/systems engineer or security engineering specialist looking for a role where you can have broad-reaching positive impact and are enthusiastic about security, authentication, cloud, and cryptography? You will be a good fit if you have…

How will you fulfill your potential?
  • Build software libraries and services to provide secure-by-default services to software engineering teams, including authentication systems, secure service architectures, endpoint control solutions, and cloud controls
  • Partner with colleagues from across engineering and risk to ensure an outstanding developer experience that satisfies the firm's security needs
  • Collaborate on feature design and problem solving
  • Help to provide frictionless integration with the firm's runtime, deployment and SDLC technologies
  • Manage the full lifecycle of software components, from requirements through design, testing, development, release and demise
  • Help to communicate and promote best practices for security engineering across the firm
  • Engage in production troubleshooting
Basic Qualifications
  • A strong grounding in security concepts, including secure coding practices, trusted computing and principles of authentication and authorization
  • The ability to reason about performance, security, and process interactions in complex distributed systems
  • Proficiency in designing, developing and testing cross-platform software using Java and an RDBMS, and deploying and running software on Unix-like operating systems
  • Open to using multiple languages
  • Experience developing, deploying and supporting software across the full Continuous Delivery life-cycle
  • The ability to understand and effectively debug both new and existing software
  • Experience meeting demands for high availability, low latency and scale
  • The ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, both in writing and orally, as well as the interpersonal skills required to collaborate effectively with colleagues across diverse engineering teams
Preferred Qualifications
  • An understanding of regulated environments, e.g. financial services
  • Experience of practical security engineering in a Linux and/or Windows environment
  • Familiarity with service mesh concepts and service-oriented architectures
  • Familiarity with data protection principles and solutions
  • Experience monitoring, measuring, auditing and supporting software
  • Scripting skills using Python, PowerShell or bash
  • Experience with Terraform or similar infrastructure-as-code platforms, as a user and/or as a service provider

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