• Negotiable
  • Hong Kong
  • CDI, Plein-temps
  • Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong
  • 29 déc. 17

Assistant Manager, Commodities TMU

  • Lieu de travail : Hong Kong
  • Salaire : Negotiable
  • Type de contrat : Plein-temps

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Job Description

Reporting directly to Manager (Deputy Head) of Commodities Transaction Management Unit. Main responsibilities are the daily administration and independent control of required collateral that arises out of transactional financing for commodity customers. The incumbent handles the flow of negotiable instruments, title documents or securities and coordinates with Customers, Relationship Managers, Credit Officers and other Operating Units to ensure sufficient collateral coverage before usage of facilities.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsibility for overseeing the monitoring and reconciliation of the daily position of the required collateral, including daily updates of mark to market valuations of commodity prices. Overseeing the maintenance and the tracking of the value of the underlying goods financed and making margin call to customers as required.
  • All requests for transactional utilization such as loans, LCs, OA, SBLCs, Guarantees as well as all payments from current accounts must be pre-approved and checked against credit approvals and deviations/excesses/shortfalls highlighted as applicable for further approval.
  • On ad hoc or regular basis, this person is required to conduct the on-site support in Shanghai WFOE Office relating to SIP.
  • On an ongoing basis, this person also ensures the physical safekeeping of all title documents and security and administers the safe custody of these documents.
  • * Within the scope of this position, this person also oversees the handling of regular activities of secured financing under Borrowing Base requirements. Each Borrowing Base must be detailed and monitored to ensure specific requirements are met by the Customer pursuant to the Credit Agreement.

Credit monitoring: responsible for monitoring of the credit portfolio.
  • Manage a significant portfolio of facilities protecting the Bank's exposure to risk through the constant monitoring of credit facilities and valuation of collateral.
  • Jointly responsible for a good relationship with the Bank's customers and intermediaries/ counter-parties, maintaining and building client relationships and ensuring good utilization of the facility.
  • Approval of an ongoing monitoring of transactions to ensure they remain within agreed credit parameters as approved/ recommended by RCO/ SCO.
  • Showing credit risks in a timely manner by reacting to facility excesses and collateral shortfalls.
  • Ensuring that proper notification to (risk) management of deviations and deterioration in the Bank's credit risk position takes place.
  • Regular liaison with financial / trading contacts of our clients and intermediaries/ counter-parties such as warehouses/ surveyors/ forwarders/ insurance companies etc.
  • Providing timely and proper release instructions to warehouses/ forwarders and information updates to relevant counter parties such as insurance companies etc.
  • Review of the Business Credit Application ("BCA") and ensure the close monitoring process in COCOA

  • Assisting the UORM, CTMU with the management of the implementation of the Operational Risk Management Framework to ensure all areas manage operational risks in a proactive, risk based and disciplined manner.
  • To undertake periodic self-assessment on key controls /control sample testing to assess the proper functioning and adequacy of existing controls for both TB product and FM product including but not limited to SIP/ITT/Precious Metals.
  • Assist in coordinating, facilitating and promoting understanding of operational risk and implementation and management of OR within the Unit.

  • Check that transactions fall within agreed credit parameters as approved/ recommended by Credit;
  • Show credit risks in a timely manner by reacting to facility excesses and collateral shortfalls;
  • Ensure that proper notification to local/ Head Office (SCO/RCO) risk management of deviations and deterioration if the Bank's credit risk position takes place;
  • Responsible for providing periodical information (daily, weekly, monthly as applicable) by reporting on the following issues: -
  • Client liability & Collateral position reports to Relationship Management, local and Head office Risk Management (SCO/RCO) as well as to clients;
  • Excess/ shortfalls/ irregularities/ deviations from approved facility parameters;
  • Non-receipt of insurance policies/ premium receipts as well as any other document or information required under the terms of the Credit Application (BCA).
  • Exceptions are investigated, resolved or escalated.
  • Satisfactory reviews and/ or audits result.
  • Strict adherence to the Policy & Procedure Notes relating to the accounts that reconcile.
  • Ensure the accuracy of collateral valuations for each client input in COCOA for RWA calculations.
  • Customer TAT & Accuracy in transaction processing (Error rate)
  • Effectiveness of risk mitigation
  • Customer complaints regarding quality of service delivery
  • Feedback from internal stakeholders / complaints regarding service delivery
  • Losses due to processing errors, delays, inadequate collateral monitoring etc
  • Timely escalation of potential risks
  • Exceptions from KCSAs, Audits (Internal / External

Assist Unit Operational Risk Manager ("UORM") for Key Processing Indicator ("KPI") and Key Control Self Assessment ("KCSA") and Operational Risk Management & Assurance ("ORMA") at the CTMU level
  • Manage HK client deals and inventory portfolio within the COCOA system and as otherwise detailed in the DOI of Structure Inventory Product.
  • Manage physical custodianship of the goods.
  • Manage the Bank's assets are protected by the maintenance of accurate records of the goods held and reconcile the holdings with internal and external records.
  • Manage and co-ordinate all inspections of goods, in line with its procedures.
  • Perform maker function for sanction screening for SIP, Precious Metals and ITT products and the approved commodities under FM and must strictly comply with all applicable Group Sanction Policy and Related Procedures, Financial Crime Compliance ("FCC') on Bridge, Group Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Policy as well as Country Sanction Policy if required.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Knowledge of LME Metal products and Commodities Trade.
  • Knowledge of commodities and exchange markets and physical logistics.
  • Operational risk accreditation / background.
  • Relevant business/function experience, including experience within business/function operations
  • A clear understanding of the Bank's approach to the management of operational risk, or equivalent experience gained in other organization.
  • The sound judgment and courage necessary to perform a control role and maintain effective working relationships
  • Sound knowledge of UCP600, ISPB, URDG758, INCOTERM, URC522 & etc.
  • Good risk and control mindset and must possess decision-making ability.
  • Able to work under pressure and work overtime when necessary
  • Good communication and network skills and must be cordial towards customers.
  • Discreet and understand the importance of client confidentiality.
  • With solid banking experience specializing in Trade Finance / Commodity Operations.
  • A bachelor's degree or business management is the basic requirement
  • Experience within the field of work is essential.

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