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à Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Senior Consultant/ Consultant - Business Risk - Risk Advisory - Xi An
Deloitte China
Deloitte China's professionals provide a full range of audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services. We connect with the Deloitte Global network to provide clients of any size with local experience and international expertise. As one of the leading professional services providers, we have considerable experience in this marketplace.

The Deloitte purpose is about making an impact that matters to our clients, people and society. Our extensive spectrum of services enables us to help our clients become leaders wherever they choose to compete. We are committed to investing in our people and empowering them to achieve more than they can elsewhere. Our advice is only as valuable as our actions and integrity. We believe that by strengthening our clients and society, we become stronger ourselves.

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About Business
What we do?

Our China Risk Advisory positioning of "Risk powers performance""
We live in an unpredictable and highly connected world, where technological advancement has linked companies and individuals more closely together than ever. In addition to their own affairs, companies need to address new and evolving risks arising from the increasingly complex business environment. From a positive perspective, risk presents companies with an opportunity to strengthen their immune system. Sometimes, taking risk can create value and generate financial benefits for businesses.

Our risk advisory practice aspires to help Chinese companies adopt world-class practices in risk management and ecosystem governance. We support our clients to turn insurmountable business difficulties into opportunities for growth, resilience and long-term benefits. Our extensive service offerings cover:

Strategic & Reputation Risk
Leading organizations take calculated risks-new products, new markets, acquisitions. At the same time, disruptors can threaten even the greatest business strategy as well as your brand. Do you have best insights for managing strategic & reputation risk to power performance?

Deloitte is committed to helping organizations identify and manage the risks that are critical to their long-term success. Our priority is to help C-suite executives and board members gain insight into the best-in-class corporate governance practices through:
• Corporate Governance
• Strategic Risk
• Brand and Reputation Risk
• Crisis Management
• Sustainability
• Risk sensing

Regulatory Risk
Organizations must meet the demands of the complex regulatory landscape, but be flexible enough that the regulatory program keeps pace with a rapidly changing environment- all with an industry-focus. Is your approach to regulatory risk designed to preserve value and power performance?

We address the wide variety of specific regulations and regulatory challenges and respond to specific breakdowns in the regulatory compliance programs of clients through:

• Regulatory Strategy
• Regulatory Compliance
• Regulatory Response

Financial Risk
A fast-changing global environment demands organizations have both financial stability and liquidity. The right outcomes depend on continuous rigor in governance, models, and processes across the finance function. Are you managing financial risk to power performance?
Our mission is to help organizations design and implement governance policies, processes, models, technology systems, and reporting systems. Ultimately, we support our clients in enhancing transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and financial integrity on a sustainable basis through:

• Market & Credit Risk
• Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk
• Accounting & Financial Reporting Risk

Operational Risk
Every organization faces ever-present risks from employee conduct, third-parties, technology, data, business processes, and controls. An agile, well-defined approach can help meet core business needs while optimizing strategic flexibility. Are you managing operational risk to help power performance?

We help organizations transform the ways in which they leverage manpower, third-party relationship, technology, data, business process, and controls to mitigate operational risks and elevate business performance. Most importantly, we help clients make optimized business decisions and drive them towards being a truly Risk Intelligent Enterprise through:
• Internal Audit (IA)
• Assurance
• Conduct Risk
• Extended Enterprise Risk Management
• Operational Risk & Transformation
• Technology & Digital Risk
• Data Risk



• 公司治理:我们协助董事会及其成员更有效地监督企业关键风险、战略和整体治理结构。
• 战略风险:我们识别并监控影响企业竞争优势、市场地位和长期绩效的趋势和干扰因素,同时提供深刻的洞察。
• 品牌与声誉风险:我们管理并衡量企业品牌、声誉和客户体验,为企业提供工具和见解,从而帮助企业建立灵活、差异化的品牌以及客户体验。
• 危机管理:我们帮助客户预防、响应并摆脱重大危机,助其进一步发展壮大,服务包括企业危机管理方案、应急预案演练、快速响应、与利益相关方有效沟通以及恢复方案等。
• 可持续发展:我们发展、监控、保障并报告可持续发展事务,旨在满足关键利益相关方的社会、道德、环境和其他非财务需求。
• 风险感知

• 合规战略:我们制定合规战略、结构和流程,旨在就监管趋势和对业务模式的影响进行前瞻性评估。
• 合规遵循:我们协助客户设计、评估和调整企业合规方案,以保持企业价值并创造竞争优势。
• 合规响应:我们协助客户应对其合规遵循方案中由实际或潜在的监管谴责引发的特定问题。

• 市场与信用风险:我们协助客户开展资产评估与分析、监控管理机制设计、开发相关风险模型,并进行相关基础设施和系统建设,同时提供验证及合规管理等服务。
• 资本管理、流动性及资金风险:我们提供成熟的资本管理、资产负债管理、流动性风险管理服务,以协助客户增强风险抵御能力。
• 会计与财务报告风险:我们协助企业迎接来自会计准则、监管要求、资本市场交易、收购和资产剥离等多方面变革带来的挑战。

• 内部审计:我们与内部审计部门开展合作或履行内部审计部门职责,协助内部审计部门转型,从而改善内部控制和流程的效率,并助力实现有效的合规遵循。我们为内部审计部门提供内审战略、宗旨、资源模式及技术等方面的服务。
• 鉴证:我们提供1)专业信息技术审计服务以实现风险管控;2)审计分析服务以通过数据获取洞察;及3)第三方鉴证服务以管理合作伙伴风险。
• 行为准则风险:我们协助企业评估并提升企业价值、信仰、高层声音、行为准则以及对风险文化的理解,使之与企业战略及业务实践相契合。
• 合作伙伴风险:我们帮助企业评估并管理与战略联盟、经销、供应链、外包、产品许可、代理、赞助捐赠以及其他合作伙伴相关的第三方风险,从而实现业务绩效最大化、获取信息、降低成本并优化供应链。
• 运营风险和转型:我们协助客户在人才、技术、数据、业务流程和控制方面实现转型,以缓释运营风险并提升业务绩效。

Job Description and Responsibility
• Provide consulting service to clients with planning and executing different aspects of risk management and process, which may include strategic & reputation risk, regulatory risk, financial risk, operational risk, etc.
• Help the clients to establish risk management, internal audit, internal control framework
• Perform business re-engineering process
• Conduct procedural reviews and process & control documentation
• Test controls and provide improvement or remediation recommendations
• Draft reports for manager review, ensure compliance with Deloitte policies and quality/performance standards
• Ensure the professional standard of service to clients is maintained
• Support our other lines of services as appropriate and necessary

• 为客户提供风险管理咨询服务,包括战略及声誉风险、合规风险、财务及金融风险及运营风险等
• 帮助客户建立风险管理、内审/内控框架
• 执行业务流程重组
• 进行程序审查,流程、管理文件存档
• 测试并提供改进或补救建议
• 起草报告供经理审查,确保符合德勤政策和质量/绩效标准
• 确保为客户提供服务的专业标准
• 为其他专业服务邻域提供适当的支持

• Bachelor degree or above in financial, business administration, computer science, information management or related disciplines
• Certification of CICPA/HKICPA/ACCA/CIA/CPAA/CISA/CISM/CISSP is preferred but not essential
• Above 3 year' experience in the areas of business re-engineering process or strategic analysis; experience of consulting firm is preferred
• Consulting experience in strategic planning, corporate management, operation management is much preferred
• Strong analytical and communication skills with high commitment to quality client service
• Fast learner, with flexibility and adaptability to work in different service lines and on different industries
• Self-initiation, good team player and willingness to work under pressure
• Good written and oral communication skills in both English and Mandarin Chinese
• Willing to travel

• 金融、工商管理、计算机科学、信息管理及相关专业本科及以上学历
• 3年以上相关业务流程重组或管理咨询工作经验。服务过国际或国内知名咨询公司者优先
• 有战略规划、集团管控、运营管理等相关管理咨询服务经验为佳
• 很强的分析和沟通能力,勤勉敬业,致力于向客户提供卓越服务
• 高效的学习能力,能灵活适应不同专业服务邻域,不同行业的工作
• 自我激励,具备良好的团队合作精神,抗压能力强
• 优秀的中英文口语和书面表达能力
• 愿意出差

Deloitte China refers to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Hong Kong, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Macau, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants LLP in the Chinese Mainland and their respective affiliates practising in Hong Kong, Macau and the Chinese Mainland.

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