VP, Strategic Finance

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VP, Strategic Finance


Societe Generale is one of the leading financial services groups in Europe. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial solidity and a strategy of sustainable growth.

GLFI / AFG (JV with CORI) is responsible for the delivery of rating and acquisition finance-related services. It is in charge of financing activities for strategic acquisitions (excluding financing activities for acquisitions on the Technologies-Media-Telecom sector) for "investment grade" and "non-investment grade" clients:

  • Financing of strategic acquisitions for GBIS corporate clients, as well as certain major French groups covered by the Retail Banking Network in France, which are identified by name
  • Strategic analysis in terms of financing and optimisation of the client's capital structure, with the other GBIS BLs
  • Strategic analysis in terms of financing of any requirement relating to a merger, demerger or any significant change to the client's scope of consolidation
GLFI / AFG / ADV is in charge of providing guidance to the Bank's clients (whether corporate, financial institutions or sovereigns) on external ratings and on questions related to rating agencies' methodologies, agency credit views and debt capacity benchmarking.


  • Originate and execute acquisition finance and / or rating advisory mandates with [COR / FIN / SOV / HY] clients in the [XYZ] region
  • Provide integrated debt structuring / capital structure/rating advisory / acquisition finance solutions to key clients of the bank, to promote SG's offer in loan and capital markets, in close cooperation with coverage and corporate finance
  • Represent AFG in internal dialogues with colleagues to provide best-in-class advisory to the client base


  • To contribute to effective coverage of clients
- Manager to add specific details, such as client geography, products, etc
- In conjunction with CORI and GBIS business lines, pitch targeted clients in order to originate acquisition finance / rating advisory mandates, and to provide guidance on debt structuring / capital structure / rating matters
- To coordinate multi-products pitch and execution, and to assist in the development of structured marketing plans
- To produce and / or participate in the production of timely and accurate financial models, marketing material / pitches, credit / rating analyses
  • To contribute to a track record of mandates
- Manager to add specific details, such as league table, budget, number of mandates, etc
- To assess (when relevant) feasibility of transactions / mandates, including underwriting and capital commitment, in light of available resources and profitability metrics
- To be responsible for the production and drafting of mandates, term sheets, legal documentation in conjunction with external / internal counsel (where applicable), and to negotiate such documents in close consultation with other seniors and experiences professionals of AFG
  • To contribute to the effective and responsible execution of mandates
- Manager to add specific details, such as compliance practices, KYC, due diligence, permanent supervision, etc
- To manage mandates / deals execution in a timely manner, in full compliance with SG's internal procedures (and in close contact with closing / back office managers when applicable)
- To assist in carrying out due diligence when applicable
- To ensure continued usage of the appropriate presentation, credit, rating, underwriting, legal documentation as per prevailing compliance standards, and to act responsibly within agreed credit risk limits
- To ensure that all internal and regulatory procedures are adhered to and complied with, including but not limited to compliance with Chinese walls, insider lists, conflict checks, management of confidential / insider information, KYC, MIFID (when relevant) and all related aspects
- To be aware of operational risks and respect guidelines defined by the bank in order to prevent them, including meeting all internal compliance rules and compliance with SG's code of conduct
  • To contribute to the development of advisory and product offering in line with AFG's strategy and priorities
- Manager to add specific details, such as new product development, diversity of mandates, co-operation, etc
- To deliver solid modelling / financing material
- To develop and promote AFG and the acquisition finance / rating advisory franchise / products with clients and within SG
- To keep abreast of new market / sector / methodologies / products developments and leverage them with client and internally in the implementation of origination strategies
  • To represent AFG in internal dialogues with colleagues to provide best-in-class advisory to the client base
- Manager to add specific details, such as internal networks - GLFI / CORI / PCRUs / MARK / JV partners / Compliance / Legal / OPER, RISQ, etc
- To establish close cooperation between AFG and other GBIS business lines to provide clients with innovative financing/rating solutions and best execution
- To actively seek opportunities to cross-sell SG's full product range
  • To contribute to the development of the AFG franchise in line with GLFI's and SG Group's strategy and priorities
- To adequately report to AFG management and COO information related to ongoing transactions including permanent supervision, exposure management and escalate problems appropriately
- To provide AFG management with a full and accurate view of pipeline deals via appropriate reporting tools in place
- To manage the analysts and associates to ensure that work is properly and timely executed and that a high quality of output is maintained at all times and as per deadlines
- To be actively involved in the recruitment, appraisal and development of junior staff
- To provide guidance, support and training to junior staff and to assist in developing a dynamic and collaborative work culture within AFG


  • Comply with all Risk and regulatory obligations where relevant
  • Responsibility to act within agreed risk limit (credit / market, etc)
  • Responsibility for ensuring that you are fully aware of and adhere to internal Policies that relate to you, your business or other businesses for which you have any level of responsibility
  • Responsibility for reading, understanding and complying with the Company's Conduct and Standards and corresponding regulations. You will be notified of changes to policies in a timely manner through announcements and / or intranet updates