We are recruiting a Data Scientist for our Dutch office We are recruiting a Data Scientist for our Dutch  …

Riverbank SA
à Amsterdam, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 05 août 21
Riverbank SA
à Amsterdam, Hollande-Septentrionale, Pays-Bas
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 05 août 21
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Susanne Schramm • Recruiter
Riverbank SA
Diffusée par:
Susanne Schramm
In a context of strong growth, we are looking for a Data Scientist dedicated to data mining, data analysis and machine learning. Given the very strong growth of RiverBank, this position will require the ability to work on a wide range of topics and with different teams: credit, risk, compliance, sales, etc.

RiverBank is a specialised lender dedicated to financing Small and Medium Enterprises and Real Estate firms in the Netherlands, Germany and France. RiverBank operates under a full European Banking License allowing to cover all European countries.

RiverBank’s mission is to combine the best of the fintech and banking world. As experienced bankers, we commit the bank's balance sheet to grant loans which we analyse using a fundamental credit approach. As a fintech player, we digitally source, process and monitor the loans. Riverbank is growing fast both organically and through acquisitions.

As a young company, the talent and passion of our people is critical to our success. Together, we share a common set of values rooted in integrity, excellence and strong team work. RiverBank will offer an entrepreneurial environment within the regulatory banking framework - a place for people to learn, to achieve and grow. Our culture will promote diversity and individual perspectives in an international environment, represented by more than 10 nationalities.


Common tasks

  • Evaluate the quality and pertinence of external data-sources and help the Data Engineering team to build high performant data collection pipelines.
  • Data analysis for different kinds of data-sources (company data, real estate data, bank account transactions, etc.).
  • Provide the business with analysis and BI tools (dashboards, APIs, reports, etc.).
  • Process automation and optimization (RPA).
  • Participate in the creation of credit scoring models to predict the worthiness of financing of our users.
  • Ensure ML Interpretability of developed models when needed.
  • Work with our Data Engineers to be the guarantor of all the stages from data collection to the production of the solution.
  • Understand the needs of the business entities, work proactively by responding to requests but also by being proactive in making proposals.

Skills and Competencies

  • Degree from a major engineering school or equivalent master’s degree.
  • A Data Science training will be preferred but is not a prerequisite.
  • You are familiar with data visualizations with tools like matplotlib, seaborn, Plotly, Dash, Excel, etc.
  • You know how to present your results to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • You know Machine Learning (supervised and unsupervised)
  • You know how to code in Python and you like versioned clean code.
  • You know Python Data Science and ML tools like: pandas, numpy, sklearn, tensorflow,  PyCaret, etc.
  • Be passionate about the Data world: having followed MOOCs, Kaggle competitions or equivalent…
  • Familiar with the following technologies: Git, Docker, Flask, FastAPI, Plotly/Dash.
  • Knowledge of the following technologies and tools is a plus: Mlflow, cookiecutter, SHAP, Kubeflow, TFX suite.
  • Financial knowledge will be appreciated but is not mandatory.
  • Good team spirit, 100% involved in the activity.
  • Start-up spirit!
Descriptif de l'entreprise

RiverBank is an equal opportunities employer. We work to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where all individuals can maximise their full potential. Our skilled and creative workforce is comprised of individuals drawn from a broad cross section of the communities in which we operate and who reflect a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. Our strong commitment to a culture of inclusion is evident through our constant focus on recruiting, developing and advancing individuals based on their skills and talents.

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