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Chatham Financial
à Cracovie, Voïvodie de Petite-Pologne, Pologne
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 07 août 19
Chatham Financial
à Cracovie, Voïvodie de Petite-Pologne, Pologne
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 07 août 19
Quantitative Analyst
Chatham Financial is an independent financial risk management firm helping clients overcome common yet complex capital markets challenges. Chatham works with over 2,500 clients globally, providing advisory and technology solutions to Corporations, Financial Institutions, Private Equity and Real Estate companies. Since its founding in 1991, Chatham has hedged over $5 trillion notional, helping clients understand and use debt and derivatives as a critical piece of their financial strategy. Chatham is a multiple bottom line firm committed to delivering trust and transparency in the capital markets.

As a purpose-driven organization , we are committed to making a positive impact for our clients, our colleagues, our communities and the capital markets at large. We are an employee-owned, view-neutral services firm, with no affiliation to any financial institution allowing us to serve as independent advisors. Chatham has worked hard to create a distinct work environment that values people, teamwork, integrity and client service. We always strive to do what is right, just and fair, even when no one is looking. We would rather be governed by principles than rules. We believe leadership should be gained through influence and personal character, not by title or tenure. As a result, we have a non-hierarchical, team-oriented organization that is highly collaborative.


Analytics Team members will work in collaboration with senior team members to:
  • Use advanced financial concepts and quantitative methods to develop financial models and analytical tools used to price derivative instruments
  • Ask informative questions in order to understand our clients' risk positions and create innovative risk management tools to measure and hedge these risks
  • Understand the mathematics and financial intuition behind the pricing of vanilla and exotic derivative contracts and be able to communicate these principles in a clear and succinct manner to the rest of the firm and our clients
  • Build scalable analytical tools for use in analyzing interest rate, commodity, and FX risks on multiple investments across investment platform
  • Interact with clients and derivative counterparties in determining and implementing appropriate risk management strategies

  • Good people and communication skills - this individual should expect significant interaction with client relationship managers
  • Fluency in English
  • Innovative problem solving ability
  • Solid quantitative skills - a candidate must have a fundamental quantitative ability in order to learn and excel in our business
  • Familiarity with technology and comfort in using it to find innovative and efficient solutions to analytical problems
  • Degrees in engineering, mathematics, finance and economics are highly desirable; advanced degrees in these disciplines are preferred, but are not required
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and programming concepts are essential; experience with Python, SQL Server, and VBA is a plus

We seek individuals that will thrive in our culture and can make a significant impact over the long term. Before we examine specific skill sets, we filter candidates for their ability to strongly contribute in a team environment, their love of learning and their track record of demonstrated drive, determination, and academic/professional accomplishment throughout their lives.Turnover at Chatham is purposely very low. We make a large investment in our employees and we are looking for individuals who want to make a long-term commitment to the company.

The Team:

The Pricing and Analytics Team ("Analytics") functions as an interface between the technology and client consultant teams. It is easiest to understand the responsibilities of the Analytics team by separating them into Pricing responsibilities and Analytics responsibilities.


As part of our "Pricing" responsibilities, Analytics owns all the numbers generated by our derivative pricing models. We work to ensure the accuracy of our models and the market data used as inputs in the models. We are heavily involved in determining the valuation methodology implemented in our systems, and we are responsible for the market data that is used as input into the models. As such, in collaboration with other teams, we participate in determining the correct data to pull into our system, setting up the data to be stored and accessed correctly by our systems, and ensuring the accuracy of that data on a daily basis.

Analytics also serves as an internal help desk to answer questions related to our pricing methodology. Based on our strong understanding of pricing models, we answer questions for client consultants about the function and output of our internal models. Often a member of a client-facing team will have questions about the model output that requires Analytics to dig into and then explain the valuation. This requires not only a strong grasp of the material but also the ability to clearly communicate the pricing methodology at the level of the audience.

As part of our pricing responsibilities, Analytics is also involved in the Chatham Month-End processes. Analytics is on call to help validate all of our system's month-end valuations as well as actively provide manual valuations for all the exotic derivatives not handled by our systems. Analytics also may be called upon to answer client questions regarding valuations.


The "Analytics" responsibilities of the team include creating custom models for specific deals, researching new types of derivatives to explain to a client consultant or to price correctly, or performing custom analyses for clients to identify sources of interest rate, foreign currency, and commodity risk and the best way to mitigate that risk.

Analytics team members also engage in prototyping models and analyses for internal and external client requests that are not currently possible within the main platform. Some of these models may lead to new business opportunities for Chatham, and many are candidates for future inclusion in our platform. Examples of recent projects include generating potential future exposure reports, devising and implementing a cross-issuance treasury lock model, providing internal consultants with web-based simulation and value-at-risk tools, and developing a commodity supply chain risk management model.

Positions on the Analytics team offer the opportunity for team members to develop substantial knowledge about how the US and International Capital Markets function, especially as related to interest rate, commodity, and foreign currency modeling. Candidates do not need to be derivatives or finance experts, but they must be willing to learn over time.

  • Collaborative, low-hierarchical culture in which leadership is gained through influence and character, not a title
  • Private healthcare, MultiSport card, in-house English classes, relocation package
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan - opportunity to purchase company stock at a discount

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