Data Product Manager Data Product Manager …

à Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 12 juin 19
à Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni
CDI, Plein-temps
Dernière candidature, 12 juin 19
Data Product Manager
Want to help us change the way the world moves money?

We build high tech services that allow people to send and receive money easily. Most of our customers are hard-working migrants, sending money home to their families and friends in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By reducing costs and freeing up time we enable people to make the most of the opportunities that their new life abroad provides and help to release the billions of dollars lost in transferring money to the developing world. This money goes directly to those who need it.

Why do we care about money transfers so much?

Most of our customers are first- or second-generation migrants. They may be living and working far from their home but still manage to send money back to support their loved ones.

Large international wire-transfer companies and banks have been taking advantage of people like this by charging preposterous fees and unfair rates.

With the World Bank estimating $575 billion annually flowing into developing countries - transforming the remittance industry could have a greater impact on international development than every single government aid program combined.

How are we doing so far?

  • A family of 750 employees across offices in London, Denver, Krakow, Sydney and more
  • A fintech Top 20 company
  • 4 million customers globally
  • Raised $200 million in funding
  • Funded by the VCs behind companies such as Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix and Facebook.
  • Covering 150 countries
What will you be working on?

You will lead the way in cultivating a sophisticated, data-driven culture at WorldRemit. You'll help shape the vision for how we use, share and gather data, while also helping sharpen insights and business decisions through the intelligent application of data.

You will:
  • Lead our data strategy. You'll craft a strategy for the future and develop a roadmap that will deliver incremental wins on the way.
  • Maintain and grow our data product portfolio. You'll be responsible for our existing data support infrastructure, you'll help mature and maintain these areas for optimal business value.
  • Lead the way to a richer data infrastructure. You'll be passionate about data and the value it brings. You'll be an advocate for new ways of doing things and champion experiments with non-traditional data points (e.g. behavioural data).
  • Act as an ambassador for the products internally and externally, and as the first point of contact with the rest of the business for the data products
  • Collaborate and prioritise. You'll work with key stakeholders to translate business requirements into user stories for the development team to implement, you'll rigorously prioritise the work to make sure we're focusing on the most impactful areas.
  • Liaise and support. You'll work with individuals across our Product and Engineering teams, advising on best practices and pushing us to take a data-first approach to our decisions.
  • Passionately automate. As someone who understands the power of data, you'll seek opportunities across the company to strip back human-heavy processes and automate workflows to deliver consistent results with utmost efficiency.
  • Support Agile best practices amongst the team
What are we looking for?

  • A data nerd with solid product management skills. You know data and how it should be used, you're familiar with techniques and approaches to data, but you can ground your ambitions in solid product strategies.
  • A natural leader with a proven track record of building amazing products, preferably data-oriented projects and products from the data-warehousing and analytics domain
  • Someone who is not afraid to dive in - you'll know the data inside out and how it all connects. For this, familiarity with SQL queries and Tableau reports will help. Python is a bonus. Experience working hands on with an agile development team.
  • Experience creating a roadmap, writing tight user stories, and prioritising a backlog using a workflow management tool (Jira, TFS, etc)
  • An ability to quickly understand unfamiliar technical concepts or architecture
  • Delivering great product isn't easy - a good, low-ego attitude will help, as well as an articulate voice to explain challenges and outline options.
  • A collaborator - you'll be working very closely with your Engineering lead and a team of developers, You'll also need the ability to work with - and deliver for - stakeholders across the organisation and who might be geographically dispersed.
  • A highly analytical approach; you know which metrics to focus on and can reach conclusions from analysing quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Experience of Data Governance would be advantageous.