About Octopus

Security Operations Analyst

Octopus is a fast-growing company with more than 600 employees. Since we launched in 2000, we've established market leading positions across financial services, healthcare and energy.

The Octopus Group incorporates Octopus Energy, Octopus Healthcare, Octopus Investments, Octopus Property, Octopus Ventures and Octopus Labs. Octopus Labs is the fintech innovation unit of the Octopus Group. We fuse track record and technology, expertise and UX, to build financial products the way they should be: trustworthy, rewarding and easy-to-use.


The Security Operations Analyst will be responsible for reviewing alerts and events from various security technologies in place at Octopus Labs. The security analyst will work to correlate these events and alerts into security events and take appropriate remediation action as part of a security team. Additional responsibilities will include taking proactive steps to secure various environments and technology stacks.


Passionate about working with leading security technologies, enjoying preventing the bad guys from winning. This role has a wide remit, and the selected individual should be excited to continue developing their career here at Octopus Labs through training, and other activities.

Skills and Experience

  • Basic Linux administration knowledge and experience, specifically working with the BASH shell
  • Basic understanding of networking including TCP/IP
  • Security incident response experience
  • Basic experience with network monitoring and packet analysis tools
  • Basic understanding of HTTP, SSL/TLS, SOAP, and reverse proxies
  • Strong time management skills with the ability to multitask
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Basic knowledge of threat vectors

  • Operations Experience (SOC Operations an advantage)
  • Basic experience using an IDS eg, Snort
  • Basic hands-on experience working with Windows infrastructure
  • Basic possession of a diverse log message and windows event vocabulary
  • Basic experience with scripting in Python, Perl, Bash, PHP, JavaScript
  • Basic working knowledge of SQL
  • Experience working with Cisco ISE
  • Basic hands-on experience configuring Windows or Linux system logging
  • Basic understanding of Windows or Linux logging/auditing capabilities
  • Basic experience with configuration and troubleshooting of network switches, routers, and firewalls
  • Basic understanding of routing
  • Basic understanding of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) concepts and functionality
  • Basic experience with vulnerability scanning and reconnaissance methods
  • Basic understanding of the six phases of Incident Handling (Preparation, Identification, Containment, Mitigation, Remediation and Lessons Learned)

  • Octopus Labs is driving innovation and technical change throughout the Octopus Group
  • We're one of the largest VCs in Europe
  • We love entrepreneurs
  • We're happy for you to keep working on your side-projects.
  • Started in a bedroom 17 years ago and still run by the same founders we have a strong entrepreneurial flair and a culture of always asking questions

    • Flexible working hours.
    • Exceptionally diverse/multinational team.
    • Salary (tell us what you are worth) + benefits.
    • Relaxed, creative environment.
    • Stunning office.
    • Must have the right to work in the UK


    Be helpful

    Random acts of kindness make the workplace a better place. So, go out of your way to be helpful, and give people reasons to smile.

    Be straightforward

    Life is complicated enough. Don't make it harder for yourself, or for others. Sometimes the simplest approach works wonders.

    Be bold

    Every great business started with a flash of inspiration. If you've got a great idea, don't keep it to yourself.

    At Octopus, we recognise the importance of embracing diversity in order to create a high-performance culture.