Service Delivery Manager

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  • 20 mars 19

Service Delivery Manager

Technology has always been at the heart of what we do and deliver at EY. We need technology to keep an organization the size of ours working efficiently. We have 250,000 people in more than 140 countries, all of whom rely on secure technology to be able to do their job every single day. Everything from the laptops we use, to the ability to work remotely on our mobile devices and connecting our people and our clients, to enabling hundreds of internal tools and external solutions delivered to our clients. Technology solutions are integrated in the client services we deliver and is key to us being more innovative as an organization.

EY Technology supports our technology needs through three business units:

Client Technology (CT) - focuses on developing new technology services for our clients. It enables EY to identify new technology-based opportunities faster, and pursue those opportunities more rapidly.

Enterprise Workplace Technology (EWT) - EWT supports our Core Business Services functions and will deliver fit-for-purpose technology infrastructure at the cheapest possible cost for quality services. EWT will also support our internal technology needs by focusing on a better user experience.

Information Security (Info Sec) - Info Sec prevents, detects, responds and mitigates cyber-risk, protecting EY and client data, and our information management systems.

Job Summary:

The Service Delivery Lead will drive strategies partnering with customers, stakeholders, suppliers, TES on-site service delivery lead, TES remotes leads and other EUTX leads to ensure world class customer support experiences. Through those partnerships they will provide exceptional service delivery by coordinating, implementing, maintaining and continually improving support experiences for our customers. Responsible for all business partner relationships (partners, Area Relationship Managers, Service Line leaders) that can be leveraged to produce business, user and technical requirements to advance the quality and efficiency of the support from TES. They will also facilitate performance reviews with appropriate stakeholders to ensure pro-active, stellar delivery of service experiences and structured service improvement initiatives. The Service Delivery Lead will also facilitate all requests from the customer relating to support needs/requests while collaborating with peer groups inside of TES and EUTX. They will also need to establish and leverage a deep business partner relationship to uncover and develop innovative solution recommendations to regional/local, business/local problems and continual service improvement opportunities that TES can solution and provide standardized, cost scalable operational solutions or services to remedy. Ensure the success of all KPI's and SLA's within their region for TES.

Essential Functions of the Job:


  • Have an extensive knowledge of EY service lines, organizations and opportunities and deliver highly valuable business outcomes from that knowledge.
  • Partners with all levels of TES and EUTX leadership to drive initiatives that meet and exceed customer expectations to the most efficient and cost-effective level of support.
  • Drive strategies partnering with customers, stakeholders, suppliers, TES on-site service delivery leads and other EUTX leads to ensure world class customer support experiences
    • Outline a strategy that proactively mitigates negative impacts to end user experiences and their perceptions.
  • Able to align all GSD and TES strategies within their regional/local context to a strategy that builds the TES/EUTX brand.
  • Understand in depth and communicate regional/local emerging business trends and their implications on the organization and its customers back to the GSD/GO team/tower leads.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of all relevant impacts to GSD/TES within the legal, InfoSec and local labor laws
  • Uses existing TES reporting outputs to ensure escalations and business partner inquiries and escalations are all addressed in a timely manner to their satisfaction or to where the data to address their inquiry or escalation is indisputable.
  • Guides, for proper execution, TES support and vendor performance improvements based on Project Management Institute (PMI) project management competencies required, specifically experience in leading and directing projects as well as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards and Organizational processes for IT Service Management.
  • Develops a continuous understanding of TES and its forward strategy for process improvements as aligned to the role's remit and value to senior leadership in EUTX
  • Recognizes the impact TES has on IT's goals and objectives to that of its internal and external clients to identify areas for change, remediation or aspects which are not working in accordance with the strategy and expectations of the business.
  • Represents the area of the role's responsibility at a high level with support and vendors and industry peers. Engages and partners with key vendors to drive vendor accountability beyond contractual obligation and drives the need for change, action or new directives.

Problem Solving:
  • Responsible for helping to drive TES cost scaling by supporting the TES strategy in the region/locally, finding cost scaling opportunities within the region/locally by leveraging their deep business partner relationships and expertise to uncover "hidden" opportunities, by providing timely and detailed feedback to the TES organization on end user feedback from relationship building activities, town halls, and local teams they form for deep feedback that lead to opportunities for improvement previously unknown .
  • Responsible for ensuring that regional/local points of view are represented at the GSD level in all major transformation projects.
  • Develops innovative solutions to problems without precedent.
  • Invents new processes to achieve TES/EUTX strategic business objectives that align to customer experience.
  • Input and feedback to decisions are strategic in nature, have long-term consequence, and tend to relate to business strategy, financial performance and effective resource utilization
  • Works on abstract and complex problems requiring evaluation of intangible variables.
  • Integrates trends, data and information into plans, deliverables and recommendations.
  • Develops innovative and creative output based on interpretation and analysis that improve business performance and contribute to GSD goals and strategic intent.
    • Opportunity/risk analyses
    • Cost/benefit analyses
  • Anticipates operational, program, and implementation issues and develop detailed recommendations on preventative measures.
  • Provides direct and detailed feedback and potential solutions to TES/EUTX projects, programs or methods based on customer or business partner feedback.
  • Owns and drives projects with significant business value.

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:

The role requires a strong analytical acumen and solution orientation to understand or define the relevance of processing metrics such as Service Level Agreements (SLA's), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Transformation Index, Return on Investment (ROI) and others to analyze or guide vendor performance discussions on the feasibility of complex IT process improvement initiatives. All of which are need to be aligned to a strategy that delivers proactive customer experience management. The role is well versed in using ITIL, PMI or internal processing standards to direct appropriate reporting, as well as to review or effect changes specific to the Global Service Desk and its technical environment. The role additionally requires consultative questioning, influence management and critical thinking skills to understand a current problem requiring a designed remediation, recommend viable solutions that will improve appropriate TES services or functionality in a manner that is both effective and supporting the value to the business.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • Maintains advanced interpersonal skills to engage, as a thought leader, with peers and other senior executives of the firm, in cross business discussions within a matrixed, geographically dispersed organization and to build a solid network for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Uses these relationships to connect colleagues and challenge insightfully to improve processes, propose credible options, and position Vendor Management's role in service and business management.
  • Maintain a collaborative but firm approach with all interactions and keep discussions focused on fact based needs and then align a strategy that satisfies those needs with measurable outputs.
  • Projects well-defined consultative skill to conduct effective questioning to break down complex matters into core issues, formulate appropriate ideas and materials inclusive of high level management reporting, and negotiate those ideas clearly and concisely to advance a cooperative engagement by all levels of the organization including senior and/or executive management, are relation managers and partners.
  • Manifests a strong analytical and problem-solving ability to analyze and negotiate complex and conflicting issues in system and process reviews, handle multiple and shifting priorities across a broad spectrum of operating environments, craft and deliver pragmatic solutions and to drive vendor management objectives that are both financially sound and operationally feasible.
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) project management framework that provides project managers with the fundamental practices needed to achieve organizational results and excellence in the practice of project management.
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to recognize appropriate analytics aligned to various IT Service processes. Looks to progress levels of certification as required or to suggest alternatives to standards as appropriate.
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of collaboration tools designed for sharing knowledge and information such as Service Management Knowledge System, SharePoint and Yammer.
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of vendor management core functions and sufficient knowledge of the vendor contract terms and conditions to recognize and negotiate appropriate support for requirements for shared GSS, TES and EUTX technical and business initiatives to drive collaboration as appropriate.
  • Manage peers, other leaders and projects by delegating work effectively and using appropriate resources. Utilizes the proper people, time and project management disciplines across a diverse culture and multiple time zones. Resolves team conflicts with a proven ability to implement and communicate difficult decisions. Provide individual, team and peer mentoring as appropriate and required to develop capabilities within team, function and organization
  • Manage peers, other leaders and projects by delegating work effectively and using appropriate resources. Utilizes the proper people, time and project management disciplines across a diverse culture and multiple time zones. Resolves team conflicts with a proven ability to implement and communicate difficult decisions. Provide individual, team and peer mentoring as appropriate and required to develop capabilities within team, function and organization

Supervision Responsibilities:

While the role has no direct reports, it does require an extensive ability to manage relationship with various executive, partner and other high-ranking customers. Will also have responsibilities to manage peers who own aspects of deliverables as well as managing up to Senior Leadership in TES and EUTX.

Other Requirements:

The role is generally guided in objectives remotely, across time zones, using telephone, email and instant messaging. As such the role requires a high degree of discipline in self-direction and autonomy in a remote or work from home arrangement. The role may also require the periodic allocation of additional time on the job to ensure multiple demands and escalating issues are managed.

Job Requirements:


College degree in computer science / related disciplines or equivalent work experience


Ten years' experience in a technology infrastructure or operations environment with 10+ years' experience in customer facing where major focus on proactive relationship management was key. Able to exhibit a progression of increasingly complex analytics and ability to successfully lead and deliver complex IT projects during the period as well as staff management responsibilities.

Certification Requirements: Preferred

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification to provide necessary competencies to perform in the role of project manager in directing and leading projects by the role and his/her team.
  • Six Sigma (Black Belt) Certification needed as part of the role's ongoing development of analytical skills to guide the work by the role and his/her team.