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Trader Training Hub is a boutique futures proprietary trading company who is currently seeking to recruit, train and expand their team of traders via their unique Trading Hub Programme. Backed by over 20 years of experience in creating highly successful traders they continue to assist traders from all over the world to become successful in the markets. The objective of this training is to give you the most comprehensive training course globally, to give you workable knowledge and strategies that are designed specifically to assist you in becoming a profitable, successful trader who makes money for yourself and the company.

The Trading Programme provided in the heart of London offers a profound insight into finance and trading, demonstrating market behaviour of all asset classes and a basket of trading techniques. This course has been developed by a highly regarded trader and mentor with the express purpose of giving people at the end of the course the best possible advantage to compete in this highly rewarding and highly competitive career.

Trader Training Hub provide the highest quality, full time course allowing the individual to gain a deep knowledge of futures products, Macroeconomics, Technical Analysis and Psychology enabling them to achieve their full potential. This education when applied will assist in people looking to earn a stable profit from the regulated financial markets.


Our eight-week trading programme combines theory with practical experience, covering all asset classes on global derivatives exchanges.

During the first four weeks, we cover, in detail, fundamentals, technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, trading strategies and event driven risk. During this period practical experience will also begin as we build your very own Trading desk in our London offices including our preferred trading platform and charting system.

The following 3 weeks will involve a series of video Modules designed to help you understand the Price Ladder, the most commonly used instrument in gaining Direct Market Access. There will also be set “drills” to complete including ones specifically designed based on the Technical Analysis tools that have previously been taught during the Classroom stages.

For those wishing to become a professional trader, the final week will include an assessment period. This will provide each trainee professional trader the opportunity to put the knowledge gained during the course into practice using our simulated trading software to reach targets set by the Trader Training Hub. Only Trainees who have been on the full In-House 8 Week course will be considered for backing, not those who have followed any of our other course offerings.


The Trader Training Hub is for those wish to pursue a career as a financial trader, or a career within the financial sector.

Undergraduates, Graduates or Career  changers looking to take on a new challenge and embark on a new career as a trader.


Good academic background

Fluent in English



Ability to work in a high-pressure environment

Has the confidence, time and funding to dedicate to becoming a profitable trader in the medium to long term.

Trading is hard work, and only those who are positively realistic, determined, persistent and diligent survive. Trader Training Hub is confident its methods can bring out the best in you. Over the years however, they have found that on occasions they have lost many man-hours training and funding people who simply give up at the first hurdle, so they therefore do require a fee for training. All details will be given to applicants.

It goes without saying that the earning potential of a Trader who has been given great training is huge and the lifestyle is exceptional so if you think you have what it takes to become a successful trader then please apply ASAP.