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Inside the Revolut graduate jobs with thousands of applicants

As fintech firms grow in recognition, capital and headcount, they become a more attractive destination for fresh graduates. One of the earlier adopters of a graduate scheme in fintech is Revolut, who've recently announced the launch of their Rev-celerator program. But what is it and do you have what it takes to make it in?

It's very exclusive

So far over 3000 people have applied to be a part of this program... 2990 of those will be very disappointed.

Yes, the scheme has just 10 places.  Hannah Francis, head of people experience at Revolut says they will interview "as many as it takes to find the best candidate," to fill roles in their "Software Engineering Function; Product Design Function; and Global Affairs team"

You will be tested

When they say they want the right candidate they really mean it, and you'll have to jump through a fair few hoops to prove it.

Francis says the hiring process "includes a problem solving test, skills interview (e.g. coding interview for Software Engineer) as well as a culture fit interview where a senior Revoluter will speak with the candidate to understand their way of working."

What are they looking for? Francis says "the ideal candidate needs to be intelligent, logical, driven, ambitious and demanding." They would also prefer "a diverse group of candidates from top universities in the UK and Ireland."

It doesn't get any easier if you get in

You might think a more education focused approach would cause the famously intense environment at Revolut to soften but Francis emphasises that Revolut's "values and culture are not changing."

They are however "introducing a set of value-drivers" which will "make it even more clear what is expected at Revolut." Francis says employees should look at Revolut as "a place where they can grow professionally and boost their careers."

You will be supported through it by a range of people, however. Francis says "Candidates will also have a Manager, Coach and Buddy, to help share advice, guidance, and support their career development."

There will also be a range of educational opportunities and bootcamps. Revolut says on its website it has "designed the perfect programme to give you a rounded learning experience and set you up for success in your role."

It will grow in the future

If you don't make the initial 10, no need to feel discouraged. You'll have a better shot next time around.

When asked if they plan to expand the scheme in future, Francis said "yes, that is our intention." even now they've announced an IOS/Android engineer position as coming soon.

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